A Taste Of Bristol’s Vintage Bike Festival, The Gert Lush, May 3, 2020

Hello Gert Lushers

We’re very excited to be sharing some news for May 3 and just to say that ticket sales are well in advance of this time last year - please do register as we'd hate you missing out.

The Gert Lush is really pushing the boat out to be both a brilliant set of rides in the company of like-minded souls and a festival meeting place for the vintage cyclist, and those wanting to dip their toe in a period toe clip.

Our intention is to be more than a sportive, more like a mini festival that’s as much about riding as kicking back at the finish and spending a couple of hours meeting new friends and old, munching on Bristolian pies and enjoying a crafty Bath Ale or two.

On to the confirmed highlights to date!

In terms of vintage bike heaven Bristol legends Argos Cycles will be bringing some characterful bikes from their history, including their very first frame dating all the way back to January 1974 and built up for May 3.

Stretching even further back, London’s Carpenter Bikes will have a range of 1930s beauties including a Tour De France three geared 1937 Carpenter Ace Special, when La Grande Boucle, for the first time since 1919, was gracious enough to permit the suffering racer more than a single speed.

Glory Days Cycles, as well as providing fantastic vintage bikes for hire, will have a stall providing the discerning cyclist with items to warm the heart, as well as everything else. Bike Jumble from Mark Barnett adds another piece in the vintage equipment jigsaw.

We’ve introduced a theme this year – VE Day as it is 75 years since peace was declared in Europe. For us it’s a chance to provide lively swinging Jazz, a 1945 themed café together with a number of surprises through the rides and back at our HQ. We plan to recreate some of the joy and celebration of an end to conflict, and take a moment to remember that momentous time and the sacrifices made to gain that peace.

There’s no need to come in 1945 clobber or bike, we’d love it if you did but really it’s our chance to go above and beyond in making your day special and different.

This is a magnificent weekend of cycling for Bristol, with Bespoked, the international handmade bike show on from Friday 1st May. We really hope you’ll enjoy Bespoked, the best of contemporary frame builders from across the world, and then take to your own steed and join us for a glorious day in the saddle.

We wouldn't be able to bring you this day without the great help of our sponsors Barcan+Kirby, Bath Ales and Trek Bristol so our heartfelt thanks go out to them, and to you, the riders, who together make The Gert Lush.

Looking forward to seeing you on May 3!

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