Friends & Links

There so many great people and organisations we have come across. Here are just a few that we like and love and are pleased to give a shout out for.

Vintage cycling

Vintage Velo for Vintage bikes, apparel and kit

Glory days for vintage bikes including Bike hire, kit and organised rides

Eroica Britannia, the vintage cycling festival that inspired us to put the Gert Lush

Do check out Carpenter Bikes to find out more about these amazing vintage machines - some of which will been display at our Event Village

Bristol and around

Our hosts for the Gert Lush are the lovely people at the Long Ashton Community Centre

Promoting cycling in Bristol and a website packed full of useful information, look no further than Better by Bike

Doing great work to improve the cycling infrastructure in Bristol and stand up for cyclists rights - Bristol Cycling Campaign

It all began in Bristol for cycle network supremos Sustrans

Our sponsors Barcan+Kirby will be at the Gert Lush Event Village