Frequently asked questions

Here's some of the questions that repeatedly come up - if you can't find an answer then e-mail us on

What if I want to buy multiple tickets?

Unfortunately we can only collect one persons details per transaction. If you want to purchase tickets for you and others, please be sure to purchase separately, this also includes children's tickets. 

What bike can I ride? 

Ideally you'll ride a bike that's over thirty years old but, as we want to encourage people to dip their toe in the vintage world, the only bikes we're not allowing are full carbon race bikes. Aside from this you can use any bike, but the older and more vintage the better in our book.


I'm worried about the state of my bike - what can I do?

Take your bike to your local bike shop for a service. Gary Harris Cycles and Bike UK are our mechanical support for The Gert Lush and will give a free check to all bikes entered for The Gert Lush. It is your responsibility to ride a bike in good condition and be able to effect minor repairs.


Is this a race?

This is definitely NOT a competitive race in any way shape or form. This is a non-competitive vintage cycle event where we hope people will enjoy the surroundings and the company in a very relaxed manner. The winner for us is the last one home.



What do you mean by 'dressing up encouraged?' 

We want the event to be a fun and friendly occasion and so encourage you to dress up in cycling attire from the past, from retro race gear to Victorian tweeds and everything in between. This is not obligatory and you should bear in mind that the clothing should be comfortable for the ride.


What should I bring on the ride?

Bring a phone, spare inner tubes, a pump, tyre levers, wet weather protection and some snacks. There is mechanical support and a feed station but you should carry the above to ensure you're dry, warm and with food at all times.


Are the rides timed?

The rides are not timed as we want the riders to enjoy the experience with as little technology as possible. We are happy for anyone with a Garmin or other timer to use them individually.


How fit do I need to be?

You should judge how fit you need to be to complete the 35 or 60 mile ride and enter accordingly. The fitter you are the more you'll enjoy the day but the 35 mile ride has been designed for most people to complete with basic fitness.


Does a tandem count as 1 or 2 ride entries?

A tandem counts as 2 ride entries, based on 2 riders taking part.


Do I get food on the ride?

There is a feed station for the 35 and 60 mile rides but we take no responsibility for quantities of food remaining at each food stop dependant on your arrival time. We try our best to cater for everyone's dietary requirements. However if you have specific allergies or food intolerances we advise you to bring food and drink for the ride which you know will fuel and fill you for your cycling adventure.


Can anyone enter the ride?

Yes anyone can enter. There is no minimum age to enter, however, those aged 17 years and younger MUST be accompanied at all times during the ride by a paying adult aged 25 or over. There is a maximum of 4 x persons under 18 per 1 x person that is aged 25 & over.


Are you doing Team entries this year?

We won’t be running official team entries for 2018, however, don’t let that discourage you and your gang of cycling friends & family from entering.


Do I have to wear a helmet for the ride?

In the interest of safety we strongly recommend all riders to wear a helmet. However, as this is a vintage cycle event this is non-compulsory. All riders will have to sign a helmet disclaimer.

Do I need insurance for the ride?

The Gert Lush does NOT provide you, the Rider, with any type of cycle insurance to cover you, your

bike and/or any third party. At the very least, we advise you to take out 3rd party liability cycling

insurance cover if you do not already have it in place.


Is the route signposted/marshalled?

Yes. All cycle routes are signposted and marshalled but we do recommend that all riders make themselves familiar with their chosen route.


Are there photographers at the event?

We have a photographer capturing the event but not each individual rider. We encourage you to take photos but in a wholly safe manner and not whilst riding.


Can I get a refund for my ride entry if I can no longer take part?

All rider entries are non refundable, however you are able to amend the riders name up until March 31st 2018, meaning you can allocate your entry to someone else. It will remain the responsibility of the original ride entry purchase to pass on the necessary ride information and ticket's.