The Gert Lush team is drawn from loose knit Bristol cycle club, the Hotwells' Irregulars. Known more for our love of coffee and cake rather and definitely not for  any race prowess we have nevertheless struggled through the Alps and Dolomites, completed the Pyreneen Raid and the End to End all in search of the perfect coffee. 


Steve Page and Patrick Collerton are the two Irregulars fronting The Gert Lush with the whole club in support, not least Richard Barcan, Honorary Life President.


It was a trip to the Eroica Britannia followed be a really long cafe stop that inspired us to bring a happy go lucky vintage themed ride to the Bristol area. We are blessed in in this part of the world with an most amazing combination hills, coastal scenery and pan flat landscapes under big skies criss crossed with hidden away of country lanes … and  a plethora of cafes - don’t we know it!

Patrick Collerton

Patrick started out on his BMX and still pines for a PK Ripper in gold and black. He came of age as a cyclist riding his brother's 1984 Dawes Super Galaxy. 


Since then Patrick has ridden across the Alps and the length of the Pyrenees, lamentably on a carbon fibre frame. Now making amends.  Look out for him, out and about on his lovingly restored Dawes Super Galaxy.

Richard Barcan

For Richard, vintage cycling is the vindication of never ever throwing anything away. 40 years ago he and his wife set out to cycle across Europe to Israel on cheap steel tourers and zippo cycle-touring experience. They have been mad-keen cyclists ever since. Richard has ridden most of the high European cols, iconic MTB routes in the Rockies and the Himalaya.   All the while that old steel tourer was waiting at the back of the shed in Bristol. Now, thanks to the magic of vintage cycling it is back on the road.

Steve Page

By night a musician Steve has a passion for old-time Americana, picks a mean banjo and can be heard doing his stuff all over Bristol and the South West. 


Steve will only ride proper steel bikes and is especially fond of his 1960’s Bob Griffin with its leather saddle, down-tube shifters and centre-pull brakes.